Most accidents and incidents are predictable.

Consistent data analysis methodology helps identify workplace risk perception & tolerance levels and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Our team is committed to improving workplace behaviours and reducing workplace hazards and risks.


Bespoke solutions to your onsite requirements:

– Incident management
– International ‘best practice’
– Task based protocols
– Safety training

We deliver innovative and bespoke solutions and offer comprehensive support for each


cRiskAnalysis use professionals and subject matter experts from all the major industries including Oil & Gas, Construction & Renewable Energy industries. The benefits of such a diverse range of knowledge and skill sets allow us to pool the best of all the major industry incentives and expereinces together.

Dedicated & Driven, we are committed to our role in supporting your organisation.


The cRiskAnalysis team are committed to improving workplace behaviours and reducing workplace hazards & risk.

Using our core skill; ‘proactive safety management & risk mitigation’ we will identify Risk Tolerance and Perception levels and at the same time reduce the likelihood of injury.

We will listen to your challenges, and using our analysis methodology the team can offer you realistic solutions to seemingly complex problems.

Catering for customer needs is a priority at cRiskAnalysis.

In response to demand and to allow for effective and efficient delivery of services, we are in the process of establishing an office in Ukraine.


Wherever you are operating we can support your needs.

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